Woman Addicted To Eating Uncooked Pasta…for 30 Years? Hormones in Fast Food Leaves Boy With “A” Cup Breast? Body Builder Dies From Protein Overdose?


Woman addicted to eating uncooked pasta for 30 years, writes into “The Doctors” to save her life! Could her obsession with macaroni noodles be cured? Then, a body builder dies…from a protein overdose? And, why the internet has everyone cringing over the callus removal videos? Plus, could the hormones in fast food be to blame for one boy’s “A” cup breast? The Doctors discuss the startling links between hormones and your health. And, CAUGHT ON TAPE: A crazy calf cramp that seems to have a mind of its own! Then see what happens when the “Yum Yuck Crew” kids give their critiques on avocado ice cream…will they like it? And breast surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk gives you the “Breast Case Scenario” on your most embarrassing nipple issues.