Wheel of Health: Your Skin Questions Answered!; Dangerous Health Trend: DIY Fecal Transplants?; Man Left with 2 Hearts after Transplant!; Emergency Plane Landing Due to Flatulence?; Toothbrush Debate: Wet or Dry?


The Doctors spin the "wheel of health" to answer your biggest skin-related questions like what’s the best way to deal with cellulite and spider veins on your legs? Plus, people online are trying do-it-yourself fecal transplants at home! Why could this be really dangerous for your health? Then, you won’t believe the crazy story of how one man’s heart transplant surgery unexpectedly led to him having TWO different hearts! And nobody wants to sit next to someone with extreme flatulence on an airplane! Hear the story about how one incident led to a mid-air brawl & emergency landing!