TSA’s Viral Instagram! Woman Lose 4 Dress Sizes Instantly? Jet Set Sexy w/beauty expert Shalini Vadhera, My Son Has Sudden Separation Anxiety! Update On “Weight Is Over” Guest, Erika!, Hot Noodes with Dr. Travis! “Pre-Tox” Millennial Trend?

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The surprising reason one woman lost 4 dress sizes instantly! The medical shocker that suddenly rid one patient of her 20lb belly bulge. Plus, Dr. Travis turns up the heat in the kitchen with “hot nood” pasta alternatives for you and your family to enjoy.  Then, beauty expert Shalini Vadhera shares flight attendant beauty secrets that will keep you jet set sexy the next time you travel! And, after losing 220 pounds through diet and exercise, guest Erika returns to the show to show off her new body post skin removal surgery. The emotional transformation you have to see to believe! Plus, the millennial trend that has young patients rushing to the plastic surgery office. is “Pre-Toxing” safe? And the unlikely way to boost your brain…with Tai Chi!