Too Hot for TV; Mistress Hunters; Dating for the Well-Endowed; World’s Hottest Doc; Duel of the Dating Experts; My Jealousy is Ruining my Marriage


Plus-size model, Rosie Mercado and sex therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue join The Doctors for a show that’s almost “Too Hot for TV”! They’re tackling some very hot topics starting Mistress Hunters, a company that promises to get rid of the other woman, and a dating site based on the size of your manhood! Plus, you’ll meet a doc so hot he landed the cover of Men’s Health! Then, Dr. Chris Donaghue and dating expert Matthew Hussey debate relationship intimacy…when is the right time to go all the way? Next, a couple whose marriage is being torn apart reaches out for help! And, could a new tool help you find the perfect pair of jeans?