The Doctors' Makeover Spectacular; Dr. Travis Reveal His New Look; Docs Remove A Girl's 5 lb. Facial Tumor; Alopecia Hair Transformation; From Addict to Ironman; My Excess Skin Is A Badge of Honor


It's a Makeover Spectacular featuring incredible transformations both inside and out...and even Dr. Travis has a new look! Surgeons remove a 5 lb. tumor from a little girl's face. Alopecia takes a woman's hair but not her spirit, see her Hollywood makeover and dream come true! Plus, how one man went from a drug addict to an Ironman triathlete! Wish you could have pizza for breakfast? Dr. Travis makes your guilty fantasy a healthy reality with his breakfast pizza recipe! Then, a woman's dramatic weight loss leaves her with excess skin...but she's baring it all without shame! Her message of body positivity will inspire you!