The Doctors Give Young Girl Life-Changing Surgery! The Yum Yuck Crew Tries Healthy Treats! Could This Rash Happen to Your Kid?!

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Woman who poops and runs is labeled the “Mad Pooper?!” Then, father tried to discipline daughter by chasing her around with a clown mask?! Next, Dr. Ordon gives young girl a life-changing surgery after being attacked by the family dog! How is she doing today? Don’t miss, the Yum Yuck Crew tries Keri Glassman’s healthy treats?! What will they think?! Then, one mom refuses to send her daughter to daycare with overweight teachers?! Then, HOA tries to shed where young girl does breathing treatments?! Do they have a case? Next, could this rash happen to your kid and how can you prevent it?! And, don’t miss the secret to better sex for parents!