Teen Survived a House Explosion and Returns with Details of Her Justin Bieber Encounter! No Jail for Drug Test Fail? Mother Is Rapidly Losing Her Eyesight!


The Doctors are joined by Baseball Legend Darryl Strawberry and Judge “Scary Mary” to tackle the latest headline in the United States of Addiction. Former reality star, addict, and alleged “Bling Ring” robber, Alexis Haines weighs in. Teen survived a house explosion and returns with details of her Justin Bieber encounter! Young woman struggles with rare dental condition that left her teeth brittle and brown but now The Doctors are putting a smile back on her face! A mother rapidly losing her eyesight comes to The Doctors for help! New study reveals a link between sugar and Alzheimer’s. Could excess sugar in your diet make you more susceptible to the disease? Then, can relaxing on a bed of nails improve your sleep? How to lower your blood pressure!