Race to Erase 10 Years Makeover! Candle Shoots Flames in Woman’s Face?; My Problems Are More Than Skin Deep!; Put It To The Test: 2 Minute Teeth Whitener!

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The Doctors “Race to Erase 10 Years” on a lucky audience member! Just wait until you see the jaw-dropping results! Candle explosion: could it happen to you? People are suing the major cereal companies over “nutritious” & “wholesome” claims! Guest loses 170 lbs. but it isn’t enough! Find out what still is weighing her down; The Doctors discuss a new study that claims going vegan leads to depression! Product claims to whiten teeth 6 shades lighter in just 3 days? Does it work or is it, 50 shades of disappointment? We’re putting it to the test! Plus the water bottle danger you haven’t heard!