My Daughter Is Addicted to Heroin!; Hypnosis for Childbirth?; Is It Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat?; Fertility Clinic Loses Embryo?; Could It Happen to Me?; Facetime Saved My Life!; Swap the Way You Snooze for Better Health!


Former reality star and member of the infamous “Bling Ring” turned addiction expert, Alexis Haines, helps one family with an addiction intervention! Would you try hypnosis for a drug free childbirth? The Doctors swabbed it all and you won’t believe what is dirtier than a toilet seat! The shocking story of how a fertility clinic allegedly lost one couple’s embryos! Did Facetime save a woman’s life?  Woman shocked to find worms in her eye! Can it happen to you? Swap the way you snooze for better health!