Fitness Tracker For The Bedroom; Schoolkids Cook Up A $2 Dose Of $750 Pill; Poppy Tea Overdose; Surgery for Dimples; Boy Gets 3D Printed Skull; I Froze My Eggs At 15


You’ve heard about counting your steps…but what about your sex?! There’s a new fitness tracker for your private parts! As prescription costs skyrocket, school kids cook up a $750 pill for $2? Then, a deadly overdose…on poppy tea?! Dimples are darling, but are they worth surgery? One woman thinks so! Plus, a boy gets new lease on life with a 3D printed skull! A 15-year-old freezes her eggs to protect her fertility…why? Do you suffer from knee pain? One of our staff members does & her story could help you figure out if you need surgery! Celeb Fitness Trainer Lacey Stone reveals the best workout apps!