Dr. Travis Stork Shares His Fears with Dr. Phil about Becoming a Dad

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Dr. Phil's Parenting Advice for Dad-to-Be Dr. Travis Stork

Dr. Travis also spoke to Dr. Phil about his nervousness about becoming a dad. “I’m starting to get nervous about raising a son in today’s world,” he shares, explaining when he was growing up his dad traveled a lot and he mainly saw him on the weekend. Dr. Phil says his relationship with his own father was limited and strained due to his father's battle with alcohol, so when the talk show host had his 2 sons he vowed to do as much with his kids and expose them to as many activities as possible, including fishing, hunting, and camping. “I did everything with them that was not done with me… I thought I owe it to them to expose them, so they can choose what they want to do,” he tells Travis.

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