Dr.’s Investigate: Counterfeit Cosmetics; Brow Crimes Ambush Makeover!


The Doctors bring you all things sex and beauty! First, go inside the world of counterfeit makeup as The Doctors investigate what toxic ingredients are lurking in this ‘fake-up’ and how to spot the offenders. Then, with more states legalizing marijuana, The Doctors reveal how pot can impact your sex life. Plus, two women with thin, shapeless lips try out a procedure that claims to achieve the perfect pucker in 10 minutes! Then, find out why a student sex-ed scandal has parents crying foul! And can a DIY filler bring back volume to your face without any injections? Then, we reveal the amazing results of our brow crimes ambush makeover! Learn a 2-second trick to uncover the brow shape that best compliments your face! Plus, find out what you should avoid wearing after sex to avoid an itchy infection!