Do You Have “Bieber Guilt?”

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Playing Do You Have “Bieber Guilt?”

If you’re a woman over a certain age, finding Justin Bieber attractive might bring up feelings of guilt or shame. When Justin first became famous he was too young to feel that way about, but now it is socially acceptable to view him as sexy.

“Bieber guilt is also known as cougar guilt,” Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser shares with The Doctors. Just because he’s technically legal, women still remember child-star Bieber and find these feelings hard to separate. 

When Justin Bieber was on The Doctors, Dr. Travis Stork recalls him as a “very nice young man” that had to grow up too fast. Dr. Stork explains Bieber turned into a sexualized figure overnight and never really had a chance to truly discover himself. 

But why do women with crushes on younger members of the opposite sex struggle more than men? “Bieber guilt” or “cougar guilt” really highlights this gender double standard. Even J.Lo finds the gendered term “cougar” to be unfair. 

Most men won’t feel shame for thinking a girl twenty years younger is attractive. Stacy Kaiser thinks society sends the message that it’s more acceptable for men to gawk at young girls but not vice versa. 

Should you get over the “Bieber Guilt?” Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser says to just OWN it.