Coronavirus Insomnia? Yoga Moves to Help You Unwind for Bed

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Playing Coronavirus Insomnia? Yoga Moves to Help You Unwind for Bed

If you're suffering from coronavirus insomnia, you are not alone. There are many ways to help try and improve your quality and quantity of sleep, which starts with developing a good sleep routine. Try adding this 6-minute release to your nighttime wind-down, and see if it helps you relax and recover from your day. 

Best selling author, coach and mind/body fitness expert Erin Stutland shares a simple way to unwind before bed using yoga and mantras to help you quiet your mind and get your body relaxed. 

Erin chooses the mantras, "I am enough, I have enough, I do enough every single day" to help relax the body. She also adds that one of her favorite mantras to use at the end of anything is, "I am important and my life is important." She recommends you use these mantras while you stretch and relax, to allow you to have a wonderful night sleep. 

In doing these stretches and saying these mantras, Erin shares it helps you to honor yourself and your own accomplishments, and release the day from your mind and body. She says, "You deserve relaxation and rejuvenation. You have earned it." 

To learn more about working with Erin and her workouts check out The Movement with Erin Stutland, and check out her book Mantras in Motion