Is Belly Pumping the New Pregnancy Trend?! Are At-Home Fetal Monitors Safe?! Drs. Exclusive: I Survived Being Crushed by a Drunk Driver! Dramatic Weight Loss without Surgery!


A pregnant hospital worker claims she was fired for refusing the hospital’s required flu shot! But what do our doctors think about the controversial story? Belly pumping?! Is this bizarre breathing technique safe?! Then, want to know why the cold weather leads to shrinkage “down there”? And what are the early signs of menopause you may be missing? The Doctors discuss a viral photo of one woman’s leaking nose job! Drs. Exclusive: Transformation of man who survived being crushed by a drunk driver! Grace lost 110lbs without surgery and gained a new perspective on life! New makeup products claim to be sleep-friendly but are they hazardous to your skin? The one thing you can do in your kitchen to help you lose weight!