Addicted to eating kitchen cleaner; Salt: healthy or harmful?; Wearable for weight loss?!

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The Doctors confront a “Love and Hip Hop Star” about her troubled past and damaged relationship with her mother. Can an intervention help the two reach a breakthrough? There’s a new diet enemy in town and it’s not gluten! The Doctors debate the new diet craze that claims many foods we consider healthy could actually cause disease!? Then, two women put to the test press-on nails that claim to last up to 18 days! Find out if they made the grade! And a beauty blogger uses a kitchen stable to ‘cup’ her face. Can it really firm your skin?A woman confronts her addiction to eating powdered kitchen cleaner with bleach. A new device you wear to bed claims to help you drop weight. Should you be adding more salt to your diet to improve your health? Is marijuana vaping toxic? The most innovative beauty products and trends. Shoes that boost your backside. Trick to keep moths from ruining your clothes.