The Doctors discuss a study which found that some clothes at department stores were covered by a slew of germs, different types of bacteria and various viruses. Find out what you can do to protect yourself when buying new clothes.

The Doctors welcome 3-year-old Saige, who is featured in a viral video giving CPR to a doll, and her dad Christopher to share that even young toddlers can be taught this important life-saving skill.

While discussing how a study found that California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Washington D.C. have the highest number of psychopaths living in them, The Doctors share how to deal with someone in your life that may be a psychopath.

Could the medical device you’re using to save your life be putting you in danger? The Doctors discuss a new documentary on what patients need to know before getting a procedure. Trauma survivor shares story of hope and courage!