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Breast Lift without Surgery? Treat Urinary Incontinence with a Chair? Wrinkle Fixes Put To The Test! Serum Turns Back Time In Seconds? Rid Wrinkles Overnight With a Patch? New Pain Solutions Put to the Test! Cryotherapy Put to the Test! Celebrities find n

What the health?! Doctor grows new ear in the Arm? Woman “impregnated” by squid? Hot headlines: Sexually explicit homework? Top five things know about hospice; #AskTheDoctors: What do I do with this gaping wound?

We go ‘Inside the O.R.’ for an amazing update on a previous guest who’d been bullied her whole life for her large ears! The Doctors consult woman with a unique decades-long condition of sweating purple?

Move over therapy dogs, there's a new guy in town... Wally the Alligator! Yes, this alligator is making headlines for being a therapeutic animal offering support to senior citizens and children in Pennsylvania.

The Doctors welcome Becky, who began smoking as a teenager and now has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and is forced to continuously use an oxygen tank.