West Nile Virus

10 Summer Health Habits to Keep Year Round

The Doctors share 10 healthy summer habits to keep year-round! Chef Guy Fieri shares top tips for indoor grilling, plus three delicious recipes to try today. Then, learn about a noninvasive tummy-tightening treatment and a new pill that’s proven to boost

Bonnie shares her West Nile virus story

Bonnie, a runner in her 40s, didn’t think twice when a mosquito bit her while she was mowing the lawn. When she started feeling sick and having headaches a few days later, she thought she had the flu, but her symptoms continued to get worse. She...

West Nile Virus Lab Tour

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears tours one of DFW’s leading West Nile virus labs to learn more about the disease. Medical director of Dallas County Health and Human Services, Dr. Christopher Perkins, reveals how researchers are making headway in learning...

West Nile Virus Outbreak

Medical Director at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, Texas, Dr. James d’Etienne, reports from the epicenter of the West Nile outbreak to explain precautionary steps to combat the illness.

Stop It Before It Spreads!

From salmonella to West Nile and even the bubonic plague, The Doctors tell you what to look for, how to prepare and everything you need to know to stop dangerous illnesses before they spread. Plus, how your bathroom towel, favorite shirt and even your kid