Vaginal Exercises

Seven new ways to have an orgasm tonight! Celebrity chef Candice Kumai shows you how to cook your way to a climax! Learn a “sexercise” routine to strengthen your sexual core. Plus, discreet “sexcessories” for personal pleasure.

Train your body for some serious lovemaking with Kama Movement, an exercise method that’s all about strengthening your sexual core and increasing blood flow to the pelvic region. “Kama movement is a combination of some elements of yoga, Pilates and...

Kegel exercises help women to control the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, which can both strengthen the pelvic floor and enhance sexual satisfaction; however, overdoing kegel exercises can have negative effects.

From ageless eyes to catching your ZZZs, learn the ABCs of women’s health. Get longer hair, sexier skin and a plumper pout. Say vamoose to varicose veins and do away with that double chin. Plus, tips to firm flabby arms!