Can Stress Trigger Yeast Infections?

The Doctors answer a question sent to them through social media. A fan says, "Hi Doctors! Recently I've been having yeast infections more than usual. I haven't changed any hygiene products but I did just start a new real estate job. Could this issue be st

Doctor on Demand: Treating UTIs

Kristen Dean, M.D., explains the importance of seeking medical attention for urinary tract infections and shares how the groundbreaking Doctor on Demand app can help patients diagnose and treat the condition. Doctor on Demand is owned by The Doctors’...

Too Hot for TV!

Your most burning health questions — answered! See soothing solutions to beat the heat of spicy foods. And, learn how to tell if your child’s fever is dangerously high. Plus, hot tips to keep your sex life sizzling. And, find out which surprising item in

Recurrent UTIs

Pari, a young woman who has been suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) for the last 5 years, explains how the infections have affected her life.