School Safety Drill Scares Students?

The Doctors discuss a controversial high school safety drill meant to curb texting and driving. Dr. Phil joins to share his thoughts on this disturbing event that was conducted with the idea of keeping kids safe. Did they go too far?

Emoji App for Expecting Moms!

There are lots of activities that are restricted during pregnancy, but luckily texting is not one of them. And texting while pregnant just got a lot more fun.

Child Arrested for Texting?

The Doctors discuss a recent story about a girl who sent a text message containing a questionable combination of emojis that resulted in her arrest.

Text Door Neighbor: Dangerous New Teen Trend

The Doctors are joined by pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears to discuss “Text Door Neighbor,” a dangerous new trend that has teens texting strangers with phone numbers one digit off from their own. Find out how to keep your children safe!

Help for Someone Considering Suicide

The Doctors discuss news reports that a 17-year-old girl has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after her boyfriend was found in a truck dead of carbon monoxide poisoning. It was later discovered that she had sent him text messages that...