Teeth Whitening

'Teen Mom 2' Star's New Smile

Kailyn Lowry of “Teen Mom 2” fame and cosmetic dentist Dr. Aamir Wahab join The Doctors to discuss Kailyn’s incredible smile makeover, her new baby, and her warning about plastic surgery.

Put it to the Test: Teeth Whitener

The product “Luster 2-Minute White” claims that just after three days your teeth could be six shades whiter. But does it really work? Dentist Dr. Chris Strandburg joins The Doctors to weigh in on the results.

Small Changes for Big Health Results!

<i>The Doctors</i> shows you how little changes can lead to big health results! Plus, 30-second solutions for a brighter smile and sexier skin, the surprising drink for a better night’s sleep and tips to curb your sweet tooth.

Does Oil Pulling Brighten Teeth?

If you’re looking for brighter, whiter teeth, you might be considering oil pulling. But before you begin swishing, The Doctors examine the celebrity-celebrated oral health product.

The Real Deal: Oil Pulling for Brighter Teeth

Celebrities have been raving about the benefits of oil pulling. But can swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for a few minutes each day really help improve your oral health and brighten your teeth? The Doctors give you the real deal!