Stem Cell Treatment

Dr. Edward Donates Stem Cells to Save His Brother

Veterinarian Dr. Arvid Edward, star of Amazon’s “Pet Doctors of Atlanta,” is a frequent guest of The Doctors, commenting on pet dilemmas great and small. But off-camera, he’s been dealing with a family health crisis. Now Dr. Edward is here to tell his sto

Mass Shooting Survivor’s Road to Recovery

A young woman wounded during the 2012 mass shooting inside a crowded Colorado movie theater recounts her harrowing, near-death experience. Find out how she survived, and watch as she undergoes a cutting-edge, nonsurgical treatment for lingering pain.

Dangerous Additives in Beer?

“Food Babe” Vani Hari exposes shocking hidden ingredients that could be brewing in your favorite beer! Then, see a cutting-edge procedure that helps repair injuries and eliminate chronic pain — without surgery. Plus, The Doctors share important tips for s

Stem Cell Sneak Peek

If you or someone you love requires skin cancer removal, learn how stem cells harvested from your own fat can expedite the healing process.

How to Know When Surgery Is REQUIRED!

Whether you’re suffering from serious issues or contemplating cosmetic surgery, The Doctors help you decide if you should go under the knife. Plus, actress Jessica Alba reveals her secrets for staying in shape.

Simple Secrets to Shrinking Your Waistline!

Banish your spare tire, love handles and muffin top! Learn how to lose up to 10 pounds this year without dieting or exercise. Hear how French women stay thin and a new stem cell procedure for smaller thighs and a fresher face.