Sleep Disorientation

Could you suffer from narcolepsy – and not even know it!? Learn the truth about a disease that affects about 200,000 people in the U.S. Sufferers can experience excessive sleepiness, sleep paralysis, muscle weakness, hallucinations when falling asleep or

The Doctors are joined by pulmonary and sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta, who helps debunk myths surrounding narcolepsy – a disease that affects about 200,000 people in America.

Electrocutions! Brain trauma! Natural disasters! Accidents can strike at any moment – are you prepared? The Doctors reveal simple tips and tools to stay safe. Plus, there are items in your home that could suddenly explode! Do you know what they are?

Watch an incredibly close call as one motorist falls asleep while driving a scooter and almost runs head-on into an oncoming tractor trailer!

Bursting bladders, hacking coughs, pounding headaches -- what keeps you up at night? The Doctors put your nighttime symptoms to bed. Solve night blindness, night sweats and more. Plus, why fevers skyrocket when the sun goes down.

Do you wake up feeling groggy and disoriented? For most people, the feeling just lasts a few minutes. But for others it’s a tough task to peel their eyes open.