The Naked Truth about Your Health

The Doctors take it all off to reveal the benefits of being in the buff! How well do you know your partner’s body? Learn how to check for lumps, bumps and growths with a life-saving couples’ co-exam. Plus, how to tell if your spouse is faking the big O an

More Embarrassing Questions!

Comedian Tom Green speaks candidly about his battle with testicular cancer. Find out what he wants every man to know. Plus, dryness down there? Uncontrollable bowels? Excess fat in your pelvic region? The Doctors tackles your most embarrassing body proble

Razor Itch

Nancy, 33, says, “A few hours after I shave my legs they itch like crazy! It’s always a delayed reaction and I can’t stop scratching. What can I do?"

Pubic Hair

Whether it's shaving, waxing, depilatories or laser treatments, keeping things trim "down there" has both aesthetic and hygienic benefits. Learn the latest treatments and trends for grooming the pubic region.


See options for men to safely remove unwanted body hair, and how grooming "down there" can create the appearance of a larger package.