Severed Finger

Can an at-home genetic test help prevent cancer? One mother shares her mission to save her daughter after losing her son to a rare genetic cancer. A new cosmetic procedure promises to give a toned tush!

The Doctors meet Ja’Niya, who last her finger when a puma ripped it off in Honduras. Find out how she was able to grow it back through the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma ) under the treatment of regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Akash Bajaj.

The Doctors are joined by a woman that lost her finger in an accident where her wedding ring got caught and ripped her ring-finger off. Find out what to do if you suddenly lose a finger.

Del, one of “The Doctors” producers, describes how he nearly severed the fingers of his left hand while working on a DIY project at home. Plus, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork offers important safety tips for using a tablesaw.