The Doctors discuss a Buddhist temple in Japan which held funerals for robodogs that were no longer in production! It may seem peculiar, but The Doctors share how pet owners actually got attached to these robotic dogs.

The oldest human ever recorded lived to be 122, but will human life expectancy continue to get longer and longer? The Doctors share how advances in medicine and health have prolonged many of our lives and discuss if life expectancy will continue to climb.

Is the retirement age creeping higher and higher? The Doctors discuss how in the last 2 years the age at which most people retire is higher than ever at 70 years old. The panel discusses possible reasons for this age jump.

The Doctors welcome financial adviser Chris Hogan, who shares suggestions for getting a jump on saving for retirement. Chris says people need to be saving 15 percent of their household income and shares tips on how to achieve this financial goal.