The Doctors discuss a Buddhist temple in Japan which held funerals for robodogs that were no longer in production! It may seem peculiar, but The Doctors share how pet owners actually got attached to these robotic dogs.

The Doctors discuss a study which looked at the health claims surrounding sex robots (many of the manufactures claim the robots can help with erectile dysfunction, relationships issues and lead to safe sex) but is there any data to back up these claims?

The Doctors and entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis discuss a company called Savioke that makes and sells robots designed for hotel delivery services. Could you be seeing them on your next stay?

Meet a robot named Rachael that uses UV rays to disinfect hospitals and prevent the spread of viruses such as the flu, Ebola and enterovirus.

Fine lines? Flabby arms? Funky feet? The Doctors reveal breakthrough treatments for your head-to-toe body problems! Plus, a new at-home device that makes eyebrow shaping a cinch. And, gastric bypass surgery … performed by a robot? See how it works!