Medications to Get Addicts Clean?

Judge Mary Chrzanowski and recovery specialist Bob Forrest share their opinions on the effectiveness of medication-assisted treatment for addicts, which blocks opioid receptors in the brain. Do they work or are medications a crutch?

‘Rehab’ or Free Labor?!

The Doctors discuss a report about a rural retreat where low-level offenders are sent instead of serving jail time. Offenders allegedly receive addiction treatment and learn trade skills, however some claim they were indentured servants.

Virtual Reality Rehab?

Research shows that over half of addicts relapse after rehab. Now there’s a new tool to prepare people in recovery for the pressures of the outside world.

I Was a Victim of Body Brokering

Amanda, who was a victim of body brokering while living inside a sober home, joins The Doctors. She claims that a member of the sober home’s staff would give her drugs in order to keep her addicted, and her insurance was paying for it.