Red Eyes

Summer Swimming Dangers

From dangerous pool bacteria to deadly lake parasites, learn the risks of summer swimming — and get crucial tips for staying safe in the water. Plus, a simple home remedy for soothing swimmer’s ear. And, detoxify your body and lose weight … with salt wate

Born without a Birth Canal; Bizarre Body Art; Pet CPR

Exclusive: Learn about a rare syndrome that caused one woman to be born without internal sex organs. Plus, The Doctors weigh in on outrageous and bizarre body art exhibits. Do they go too far? And, it’s Ask the Vet: Learn how to perform CPR on your four-l

Recurrent Red Eyes

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon explains how over-the-counter eyedrops can create a rebound effect, causing more inflammation, if used too frequently.

What to Do When It Won’t Go Away!

Persistent pains, incessant itching, endless ear-ringing – fix your most relentless ailments today! Whiten bloodshot eyes once and for all, relieve the itch you can’t stop scratching and more. And, the secret to getting in and out of public bathrooms germ