The Vagina Show

We apologize, but the “Vagina Show” episode of The Doctors will not air as scheduled on TV, nor will it appear on the Internet. Any updates relating to this episode will be announced on

Pump Up the Volume!

Who says everything is better in moderation? The Doctors show you how to bulk up, add inches and boost your beauty regime. Enhance your breasts, lips and lashes without surgery. Plus, how just one kiss is more powerful than sex!

Healthy Caramel Apples

This healthy caramel apple recipe is one of the most popular posted by The Doctors' community members

Food Addiction Intervention; Asian Takeout Trade Outs

A 500-pound woman reaches out to The Doctors for help. Can she be saved her from her life-threatening food addiction? Plus, The Doctors reveal Jennifer Aniston’s reported secret for slender, sexy legs! And, from chow mein to fried rice, get calorie-cuttin

Super Shred Diet; Sickle Cell Disease Awareness

Dr. Ian Smith shares weight loss secrets from his Super Shred Diet. Learn about his fast-acting plan for a leaner, healthier body! Plus, TLC’s lead singer Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins opens up about her ongoing battle with a debilitating blood disorder that aff