Oral Disease & Illness

The product “Luster 2-Minute White” claims that just after three days your teeth could be six shades whiter. But does it really work? Dentist Dr. Chris Strandburg joins The Doctors to weigh in on the results.

“I’ve been hiding something my whole entire life,” says Tyrica, “and it’s really starting to get to me now.” Her secret? She still has her baby teeth. Can The Doctors give her something to smile about?

A new Internet craze promises users that they can straighten their own teeth – without an orthodontist. Can you really use dental floss or rubber bands to achieve a perfect smile, or will you end up crying all the way to the dentist?

One pop diva admitted on Twitter that she wet herself while sedated at the dentist’s office! Is this one more reason to be scared of going to – and maybe going at – the dentist’s office!?