Nasal Decongestant

Kristin Chenoweth’s Health Secret

Singer and actress Kristin Chenoweth opens up about her secret struggle with a potentially deadly disease. Then, the controversial story of a Girl Scout who sold cookies outside a marijuana dispensary — and hit the jackpot! Plus, learn how a jolt of caffe

Solving a 13-Year Stuffy Nose

Ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon examines one woman who has suffered with nasal congestion for more than 13 years. He referred Jerika to allergy specialist Dr. Danica Schulte for testing. Find out what Dr. Schulte discovered about the...

Doctor on Demand: Allergies

Allergies wearing you down? Learn how the groundbreaking Doctor on Demand app can help you get the prescriptions you need, without the hassle of a doctor's office visit! Doctor on Demand is owned by The Doctors’ Executive Producer Jay McGraw.

Things You Must Tell Your Doctor

When it comes to your health, being honest with your doctor is vital to maintaining your wellbeing. Whether it’s a nagging pain or your family’s medical history, find out all the information you must tell your physician.