Melanie Woodrow

A new debate is emerging about the benefits of eating grass-fed beef over conventionally raised, grain-fed beef. In order to find out if either type of beef is superior to the other, The Doctors conducted a small study, with a limited sampling. Learn...

After The Doctors tested several steaks, we found some shocking things living on the samples. Find out what you can do to protect yourself from tainted meat.

Typhoid fever! SARS-like infections! Antibiotic-resistant superbugs! Should you believe the hype? Plus, find out which exotic “pets” are better suited for the wild. Then, it’s the deadliest creature in the history of mankind, and chances are that you’ve a

The Doctors tackle your biggest fears about the flu. Anti-viral or anti-bacterial medicines: What's the difference? Plus, new health gadgets: track calories burned from your wrist, listen to music through your cheekbones and more!

Alarming warning labels, scary food recalls and toxic danger signs: Do you know what they mean? Are you being exposed to poisonous substances without realizing it? Hear about hidden dangers in unexpected places!

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Stay up to date on the latest health headlines and how they could affect you. See how the newest cancer treatments are improving cure rates. Then, rapper Lil Wayne reportedly overdosed on “sizzurp.” Get the facts about the dangerous concoction.

Learn about a dangerous new drug trend called "sizzurp," a concoction made from liquefied candy or juice, combined with prescription-strength cough syrup and sugary sodas. See how sizzurp users are acquiring mass quantities of prescription-strength...