Almost any event is a great excuse to throw a party – but how about one to say goodbye to your breasts? When she learned she needed to undergo a double mastectomy, Andy Sealy of Philadelphia threw a “ta-ta to my tatas” party so friends and family wouldn’t

Last season we met Michelle, who endured a double mastectomy but was forced to halt her reconstructive breast surgery. She's back to show off her new look after The Doctors helped fix her botched surgery.

Death by caffeine? Tests to determine a woman’s marriageability? The Doctors weigh in on controversial and bizarre medical news. Then, The Doctors tackle audience members’ most pressing health questions. Plus, one of the most shocking procedures ever perf

One man shares his story of battling — and beating — breast cancer. Then, painful prickling and incessant itching: The Doctors help one viewer solve her mysterious skin problem. Plus, have an appetite for dirt? Find out what bizarre cravings could reveal