Lisa Lillien

Lisa Lillien, aka The Hungry Girl and best-selling author of "Hungry Girl to the Max! The Ultimate Guilt-Free Cookbook," shares her low-calorie recipe for Taco-Topped Pizza.

Don’t you wish you could eat your favorite comfort foods without the guilt? Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien has the answer. She joins The Doctors to share her favorite low-calorie recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner from her new book Hungry Girl to the...

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Are you sabotaging your body without even knowing it? Learn the hidden dangers in the foods you eat and lotions you use. And, shop smarter with the Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien.

Lisa Lillien, aka The Hungry Girl, says she struggles with the same food issues that millions of other women struggle with every day. Check out her tips to eat well and stay trim!

Lisa Lillien, aka The Hungry Girl, started researching, developing recipes and hunting for healthy food finds and e-mailed them to her friends. was launched and quickly grew to nearly one million subscribers!