Jill Herzig

Breast cancer and obesity are two of America’s top health threats -- but knowledge is power. Learn how to take control of your well-being today. And, The Doctors honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month with vital tips you can’t afford to miss.

Editor-in-chief of Redbook, Jill Herzig, reveals the lesser-known causes of back pain, and explains how to ease the aches.

Staying in shape isn’t only about muscle tone. From your lungs to your knees, improve your body from the inside out! Plus, flatten your tummy without surgery, and Alicia Silverstone’s secrets for healthy and sweet treats!

Women are often advised to know their breasts by regularly examining them. Editor-in-chief of Redbook Magazine, Jill Herzig, and The Doctors explain why men must know their testicles, what they should look for and the importance of testicular exams.

From the latest celebrity diet fads, to the science of falling in love and how to turn the heat up in the bedroom, The Doctors explores the top headlines affecting your health. And, get simple steps for a healthier home.