G Spot


The G-spot, also known as the Grafenburg spot, is an erogenous zone located about 2 inches inside the entrance to the vagina.

Five Sex Tricks

From celebrity role-playing and daytime foreplay to finding the male G-spot, urologist and sexual health expert Dr. Jennifer Berman reveals five ways to wow your partner in the bedroom.

Is the G-Spot Real?

The following video contains footage of actual medical procedures and is graphic in nature. OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains where the G-spot is located on a woman’s body and the importance of learning one’s own erogenous zones.

G, A and U Spots

You've heard of the G-Spot, but what about the A and U spots? OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson points out where the G, A and U spots are located on the body.