Frank Colcher

When Chaz Bono first appeared on The Doctors in November, 2012, he made a commitment to change his life by losing weight. Three months later, Chaz joins The Doctors with an update on his weight loss and overall health.

Chaz Bono’s weight loss journey: See how much he’s lost in just three months. Then, irritable? Sluggish? Low sex drive? Your fast food habit might be to blame. Plus, how to overcome your cravings. And, tips for whiter teeth.

Chaz Bono joins E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork for an exclusive one-on-one interview about a very sensitive issue that not only affects him, but many other Americans – his weight. The Doctors enlist the help of several weight loss specialists to...

Chaz Bono sits down for an exclusive interview with The Doctors to talk about his weight loss battle and his mission to lose at least 50 pounds. Watch as The Doctors help Chaz confront his health challenges – he’s not alone, and neither are you.