Flu Shot Myths Debunked!

Nurse Lacey from Passport Health joins us to get out the word on the importance of getting your flu shot. Plus, The Doctors debunk some myths surrounding the shot many people dread.

Trapped inside Urgent Care!

A Washington mother took her sick baby to urgent care. While they were in the waiting room, the clinic closed for the evening forgetting they were there! What would you do?

Baby Boomers Hit Hard by the Flu

The Doctors welcome internist Dr. Ian Tong, Chief Medical Officer of Doctor on Demand, to discuss why the baby boomer generation has been hit so hard by the flu this season.

Doctor On Demand: The Flu Shot

Dr. Pat Basu of Doctor On Demand discusses the efficacy of this year’s flu vaccine and answers one grandmother’s question about whether she should receive the shot before spending time with her newborn granddaughter. Doctor on Demand is owned by The...