Facial Procedures

Ashley was born with oral facial digital syndrome, which has affected her teeth, tongue, nose, fingers, toes and scalp. As a result, she’s been bullied her entire life for the way she looks.

Hannah can’t close her mouth due to a dental/facial deformity making it very difficult for her to chew properly causing her weight to drop to just 90 pounds. Hannah and her grandmother Yvonne join the Doctors to discuss her complicated situation.

Learn about an anti-aging treatment during which 24-karat gold thread is woven beneath the skin to stimulate collagen production.

Get inspired by incredible medical stories! Six-year-old Marzia nearly lost her life when Taliban militants shot her in the face. See her remarkable recovery story. Then, meet Bella, the dog that detected her owner’s breast cancer and saved her life!

The Doctors reveal the best way to get rid of excess mucus. Plus, at-home cures for canker sores, warts and stomachaches. And why surgery might be the answer for droopy eyelids and chubby cheeks.