Eye Infection

Dangerous and Deadly Viral Trends

Eyeball licking? Condom snorting? The Doctors uncover the hazards of the weirdest, wackiest and most extreme stunts that people post online. Plus, shocking and potentially deadly ways that teens are getting high — at home and at school! And, three new dru

Toxic Mold in My Home Is Making Me Sick!

Imagine moving into the home of your dreams only to find out it was filled with toxic mold! The Doctors are joined by a family who discovered their home was for making them sick.

Body Fluids Exposed

From your blood, sweat and tears to the wax in your ears, The Doctors count down all 32 fluids in the human body! Learn what they consist of, what their functions are, and what secrets they can reveal about your health. Plus, a groundbreaking test that ca