Everyday Health

The Doctors takes drastic measures to save the lives of three people before it’s too late. Will they change their destructive ways? And, easy steps to avoid becoming a health statistic!

The Doctors tackle your questions starting with the letter M. Find out why you get moles, see how to erase marionette lines on your lunch hour and a malady that affects 40 percent of men.

End chronic snoring, learn when a birthmark is a sign of something more serious and why your child gets sick at school. Plus, why Brussels sprouts may erase wrinkles better than Botox.

The Doctors make a house call to the Windy City! Learn how health officials are fighting childhood obesity, and get Dr. Travis’ healthy solution for deep dish pizza. Plus, see how one surgery may cure rheumatoid arthritis.

A deep voice, a raging sex drive and a beer belly – does this describe your husband, or you? The Doctors show women how to tone down their manly traits. Plus tips to banish belly bulge and how to look refreshed on zero sleep!