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Can too much stress be deadly? Who has a higher pain threshold: men or women? Learn the truth about common health myths. And, from creepy crawlers to sharp needles, there is no fear too great for The Doctors to face!

Each year, millions of chemicals are poured into American foods. From doughnuts to fresh produce, The Doctors reveals the toxic ingredients lurking in your grocery bag. And, what you could be getting along with a cup of pasta!

The Doctors highlights the power of the female body! Get the scoop on female orgasms and the new hysterectomy that promises invisible scars. Plus, TV hosts Joan and Melissa Rivers talk sex, parenting and plastic surgery.

Want a fast fix for losing five pounds? A swift way to take 10 years off your appearance? Learn quick cures for your biggest body problems! And, relieve stress in minutes!

How far would you go to be beautiful? Get the pros and cons of facelifts and chemical peels, find out why children are getting Botox, and how hair dye may be hurting your hair and your health!

Hate your thin hair or the thighs you inherited from Mom? Many of our traits are determined by genetics, and sometimes we’re stuck with features we don’t like. But can we change what we’re born with? The Doctors investigate.

The Doctors goes on location to answer your health questions. Learn how snoozing when the sun is out can affect your well-being, why a manicure can be harmful and the healthiest on-the-go foods for your busy lifestyle!