Family's Battle with Hunter Syndrome

Chris and Melissa's son Case is battling Hunter Syndrome and they have come to The Doctors to share their story and spread the word about their fight to find a cure to this deadly disorder.

Waterless Baths?

See how the Willow Spa uses fruit and vegetable enzymes, combined with rice bran and finely cut wood shavings, to relax and detoxify the body.

The Hottest Health Trends for 2010

Check out the hottest health trends burning up 2010! Get the latest in workouts on the go, video games that help you shed pounds and a brand-new way to sleep! And, could a raw food diet benefit your pets?

The Hottest Health Trends for 2010

The Doctors reveal the hottest health trends for 2010! And, the raw food diet is trendy among humans, but could it benefit your pets? Find out if going raw is a healthy alternative for your furry friends.