Emily Morse

Are Your Fantasies Dangerous?

Would you eat a tapeworm to lose weight? Learn about this extreme dieting technique! Plus, a sex expert bares all about secret bedroom fantasies. And, ladies, do you wish your man was bigger “down there?” Learn the dos and don’ts of male enhancement.

Experimenting with a Massage Oil Candle

Jerika recently read the best-selling book "50 Shades of Grey," and she and her boyfriend, Eric, are “interested in exploring new ways to spice up our sex life.”
Sex expert Emily Morse encourages people to communicate their fantasies to their partner....

Embarrassing Intimate Twitching

Watch a clip from Emily Morse’s podcast and radio show Sex with Emily, where fellow sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko demonstrates how he exhibits an uncontrollable form of twitching during a kissing workshop. Reid explains what causes him to...