Dry Eyes

Primary Causes of Itchy, Burning Eyes

The Doctors’ executive producer, Patty Ciano, has been experiencing itchy, burning eyes after putting in her contact lenses. The Doctors call in ophthalmologist Dr. Kerry Assil to give Patty a surprise eye exam and consultation!

The Doctors: After the Show

The Doctors step off the stage and into the audience to answer impromptu health questions from their fans! Learn tips and treatments for stomachaches, backaches, circulation problems and more! Plus, the best ways to soothe itchy, burning eyes!

Why Our Eyes Water

Ever wonder why your eyes water at unexpected times? Optometrist Dr. Stacey Gin explains why some people experience excessively watery eyes and how to prevent it.

Fast Health Fixes

Weighed down by a heavy monthly period? Menopause making you sweat? Get the fixes you’re looking for. Then, learn six surprising facts about HIV and why you should get tested now. Plus, plastic surgeons reveal the most requested celebrity body parts!