Dr. Paul Pagnini

An all-new season of <i>The Doctors</i> welcomes new co-hosts Jillian Michaels and Dr. Wendy Walsh! Season four gives you more information, inspiration and tools to change your life! Plus, take five years off your face in five minutes.

Who says everything is better in moderation? The Doctors show you how to bulk up, add inches and boost your beauty regime. Enhance your breasts, lips and lashes without surgery. Plus, how just one kiss is more powerful than sex!

The devastating earthquake in Japan has affected millions of people. Is the United States prepared if a massive disaster strikes? Get vital information to protect your family. And, the latest on potential radiation dangers.

The latest medical advances can change, save or alter your life. From tiny computer chips to giant robots, medicine is progressing by leaps and bounds. And, see a device that promises to improve your chance of conception.