Dr. Kari Sakurai

Slim Down, Shape Up & Look HOT This Winter

Avoid a wintertime beauty meltdown. Get treatments for red noses, dry hands and chapped lips. Then, skiing on roller skates? A massage in the sauna? The Doctors test out new ways to shape up this winter. Plus, a healthy hot chocolate recipe!

Ultrasonic Oral Care

Kari Sakurai, D.D.S. reveals tips to make a dull winter smile gleam. Plus, see how a new toothbrush with ultrasonic technology requires no brushing at all! The Emmi-Dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush effectively cleans teeth and gums without friction, and...

How your menstrual cycle affects your teeth

Viewer Jasmine knows not to schedule her OB/GYN appointment during her period, but she says she’s also heard that you shouldn’t schedule a dentist appointment at this time either. Is this true, she asks.

Dentist Dr. Kari Sakurai explains how your...